3 Ply Disposable Level 2

3 ply disposable level 2 & 3

Our disposable earloop face masks contain a 3-layer construction to prevent the release of potential contaminants from the user into their immediate environment. Our masks can also protect the wearer from large droplets, sprays and splashes of bodily fluids. It is easily identifiable by the presence of two ear loops to secure the mask to the face for quick donning.


  • Attached Earloop
  • Pleated for a comfortable fit 
  • Onsite production fast delivery
  • Breathable 


  • Three-layer construction 
  • BFE – <98%
  • ASTM Level 2 & 3
  • Hospital Grade Protection
  • Pending FDA Certification
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Watch these videos to see how our 3 Ply Masks are made: