The Importance Of Quality Face Masks

We are closely approaching a year from when the COVID-19 pandemic began. Despite some of the progress we’ve made, coronavirus cases continue to grow and wearing face masks is still an essential component to protecting the health and safety of the general public. This is especially important in order to control the possible spread of a new COVID strain. Face masks work by blocking many of the respiratory droplets that travel into the air when you cough, sneeze or talk. However, there is still a large demand for face masks that is resulting in shortages. Because of this, many companies overseas have entered the face mask industry but fail to use proper materials or set quality standards which places the wearer at greater risk. At Merlola Industries, we are committed to providing American-made, quality face masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help create a safer today and tomorrow.

What Makes Up A Reliable Face Mask?


Different Materials And Their Effectiveness

While there is a general understanding that some level of protection is better than none, specific materials are more effective than others at blocking airborne coronavirus particles. When it comes to what people have generally been wearing, it ranges from a simple folded bandana to N95 respirator masks. But what is the difference in protection? N95 and KN95 masks offer the highest level of protection with a certified 95% or greater filtration efficiency. The next best option for face masks are surgical masks. These are created out of meltblown material and are meant to protect the wearer’s nose and mouth from coming into contact with droplets, splashes, or sprays in the air. Fabric masks are last, helping to capture droplets from the wearer but not offering much protection against smaller particles. Thinner materials like bandanas and handkerchiefs are virtually ineffective. Even though they have multiple layers of cotton fabric, these face coverings do a poor job at stopping air droplets from going in or out.

Testing To Ensure Efficiency

In order to determine whether a mask is effective at blocking airborne particles, it should be tested in the 5 following categories: Fluid Resistance, Breathability, Bacterial Filtration, Particulate Filtration, and Flammability. These are 5 performance metrics that help classify masks and their overall effectiveness. Merlola Industries puts all masks through these tests and metrics to ensure they meet all the safety criteria for just about every industry’s demands.

Quality Materials & Standards

When researching which masks to buy, nothing is more important than quality of the product. At the end of the day, wearing a mask can potentially save people’s lives so ensuring that every mask is effective is imperative. Buying face masks from unknown, overseas vendors or wearing a piece of cloth can result in greater risk of exposure as the quality of those products may not meet FDA standards. All Merlola products are made from locally sourced materials and are manufactured in the United States to ensure the highest quality and greater protection that cheap masks can’t provide.


Masks Offered By Merlola

At Merlola Industries, we create meltblown material from polypropylene. We then manufacture the polypropylene into high-quality, reliable PPE products at our FDA approved ISO900 factories right here in the US. Our products include:

3 Ply Disposable Level 2 & 3 Mask

Our disposable ear loop masks contain a 3-layer construction to prevent the release of contaminants into the immediate environment. They are also less expensive than imported masks and are proudly made in the USA. These level 2 and 3 masks have a 99> filtration rate to protect the user from large droplets, sprays, and splashes of bodily fluids. Most importantly, they provide hospital grade protection while remaining comfortable, breathable and affordable. These surgical masks can be especially useful to prevent the spread of droplets from people with coronavirus symptoms.

N95 Face Mask

This disposable mask is designed to provide one of the highest levels of protection. It reduces inhalation exposure by filtering at least 95% of airborne particles which are small enough to be inhaled, such as dust, pollen, bacteria, and respiratory droplets carrying contagious viruses. It also features two straps for a reliable fit and reaches an ASTM level 2 — moderate level barrier protection. N95 masks are necessary for health care professionals as they offer the proper protection when caring for infected patients.

Shield X2 Plus

The ShieldX2Plus, using FDA-compliant materials, is a reusable face mask that seals against your facial contours for a comfortable, fog-free fit. It can be safely reused by simply replacing the filter and disinfecting the mask to wear again for consistent protection. These FDA-compliant masks come equipped with replaceable filters that provide two-way protection against more than 95% of airborne particles and droplets, making them ideal for just about every setting.

Reliable Face Masks & PPE Products

Although we have been in this pandemic for quite some time, the need for trustworthy face masks and PPE is as important as ever. This is especially true given the growing US coronavirus cases and recent mask mandates in most states. When it comes to the health of the public, no shortcuts should ever be taken. That is why Merlola Industries has brought the manufacturing of meltblown and PPE products back to the United States. This way we can oversee every step of production to ensure only the highest-quality materials are used and that every safety standard is met. Don’t settle for less, contact us today.

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